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February 22nd, 2022

We’re facilitating the world’s first Nine-Breath Prayer Circle you can experience at home

Using a simple yet powerful breath technique…
We’ve led healing circles with 1000’s of people in the same room.
Now we’re going virtual with the world’s first
BREATHE 2-22-22 Global Live Stream.

The great seers and yogis of all ages have pointed
toward a time when we will reach critical mass in
consciousness and a true turning point.

NOW, with the power of the internet to connect us,
it is time to bring this vision into reality for us all.

Event Schedule

Tuesday Feb 22nd, 2022

2pm Hawaii    3pm Alaska    4pm Pacific    5pm Mountain    6pm Central    7pm Eastern

2pm Hawaii     3pm Alaska
4pm Pacific     5pm Mountain
6pm Central    7pm Eastern

Hawaiian Hula Blessing

with Kumu Ehulani

Broadcasting From Hawaii we honor the traditions of Hula to open our ceremony.
Breath Instruction

with Jeff Primack

Clear and precise mastering of the technique reveals the true power of the breath.
Yoga Opener

with Megan Cannon

Align the body to create the most welcoming vibration for our Soul vibration to be embodied.

9 Breath Prayer Circle

Breathing together empowering prayers of healing and world peace for all beings.

Musical Finalé 

with Jami Deva

Maestro Jami Deva with David Helpling will mix the soundtrack of a collective awakening as we integrate our mind body and soul.

Ecstatic Dance Celebration

Expect a magic carpet ride into the ancient future and nothing less than deep dance magic as Maestro takes us on a mystical journey through some of his most treasured compositions.

Jeff Primack has shared the Nine-Breath
method and led prayer circle with 50,000+ people at live seminars.

Featured Talent

Featured Talent

Kumu Ehulani
Kumu Ehulani

Hawaiian Hula Blessing

Megan Cannon
Megan Cannon

Yoga Instructor

Maestro Jami Deva
Maestro Jami Deva

Sound Director

David Helpling
David Helpling

Assistant Sound Director

All Event Music mixed by Maestro Jami Deva with very special guest David Helpling.
David Helpling
David Helpling

Assistant Sound Director

BREATHE 2-22-22
Global Livestream is Broadcast
From Hawaii Big Island

BREATHE 2-22-22
Global Livestream is Broadcast From Hawaii Big Island

From this 30 foot epic waterfall, our collective prayers will travel down the river, into the Ocean and around the world

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Opening Hula Blessing
Technique Instruction
9Breath Prayer Activation
Unity Dance Celebration

2 Hours Raising Our Collective Vibration